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Every veterinarian on VIN remembers yearning for an inkling of clinical relevance while studying the "-ologies" during our preclinical years; and we remember wishing we could recall the basic science that would explain our cases when we finally made it into the clinic.

Most of all, we appreciate and recognize how those who came before us and took the time to "show us the way" influenced our lives.

We owe a large debt to these special people. Whether they were students in classes ahead of us, instructors, interns, residents, a technician, or local practitioners we worked with and for, these special colleagues helped shape us and our careers

Unfortunately we probably didn't recognize the impact these special people were having upon us at the time and as a result never got to formally thank them. So we thank them by trying to do the same for today's students - tomorrow's colleagues. We thank those who helped us by showing the same kindness to those who are coming after us ...

This is what we mean by Giving Back. Nurturing and supporting the efforts of veterinary students, interns, residents, and veterinary educators is something VIN and VIN members feel strongly about.

This is why VIN offers free membership to all veterinary students in North America and tries to work with schools around the world to offer free membership to as many of their students as possible.


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