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Resumes & Interviewing: Tips to Standout in a Competitive Market
When you're pursuing your dream job, never forget that others may be applying for the same positions. Join Stith Keiser, DVM, this Sunday, April 2, at 9 p.m. ET to learn how to make yourself stand out in the pile.

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Take a Break for Some Spring CE
IAAAM 2017 is happening May 20-24 in sunny Cancun, Mexico.
Take a look at last year's (2016) proceedings before you go.

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Evolving stories:
- Hyperthyroidism in dogs due to suspect diets
- California changes rules on drug compounding
- Is Immune IQ allergy test legitimate or bogus?

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New and Revised Articles to Share With Your Clients!

Veterinary Partner

Texas Farm Radio


Evaluation of Commonly Used Products for Disinfecting Clipper Blades in Veterinary Practices: A Pilot Study
Culture results showed no recovery in blades soaked in alcohol or chlorhexidine or those sprayed with an ethanol/o-phenylphenol product, while moderate recovery was seen with all other treatments.

Hepatic disease of horses in the Western United States
Sixty-eight horses were euthanized, and 24 were discharged from the hospital, with follow-up available for 19 obtained through phone interview. Six horses (32%) were euthanized within one year of hospital discharge, three from progression of primary liver disease and three from colic.

Defining the local nerve blocks for feline distal thoracic limb surgery: a cadaveric study
This described four-point injection method may be an effective perioperative analgesia technique for feline distal thoracic limb procedures.

Radiograph From Dog That Has Fungal Osteomyelitis
The zygomycoses are variably responsive to antifungal drugs. Itraconazole would most likely be the most cost-effective choice, but only 50% of these fungi are likely to respond.

Is It Legal To Split Tablets If A Smaller Strength Tablet Is Available?
I know of no regulatory reason why you can not prescribe a simple compressed tablet to be halved by the client if you are certain that the health of the animal will not be compromised.

Pet Cremation: Questions And Answers For Veterinarians
If your service routinely sends you ash that is dark gray to black, it is not adequately cremating the pet. Most ash returned to a client should be off-white to light gray.

Veterinary Care For Pets Of The Homeless
The University of Tennessee has an active veterinary social work program that may either be doing some of this work or know of local resources.

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VIN Rounds
Sunday, April 2 - 9 p.m. ET
(Monday, April 3 - 1 a.m. GMT)
Join Stith Keiser, DVM, for Resumes & Interviewing: Tips to Standout in a Competitive Market.
*This session will feature audio. Take the readiness test before attending.

Venting Over a Venti
Tuesday, April 4 - 9:30 p.m. ET
(Wednesday, April 5 - 1:30 a.m. GMT)
Need to vent about solo vet issues?
Christina McRae, DVM, and other colleagues are here to lend an ear.

How to Use VIN, Part 1
Wednesday, April 5 - 9:30 p.m. ET
(Thursday, April 6 - 1:30 a.m. GMT)
The VIN Representative Committee will show you how to get more out of your VIN experience.
Email for more information about this free, three-session course.

Journal Club
Thursday, April 6
Journal Club will return May 4, 2017
All VIN members are welcome to attend this monthly series. Learn more.

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Veterinary Ophthalmology - UC-Davis

What's your Diagnosis?
Zoonotic Case 178 - opened 3/20
Archives of the Challenging and Fun Cases

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Upcoming Conferences
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Pharmaceutical Regulatory Review 2017
April 26 - May 20, 2017
Presenter(s): Heather Lindell, PharmD, BSPh, RPh, DICVP, FSVHP

The primary purpose of this course is to provide accurate and up to date information regarding the security and accountability of controlled substances so that veterinary practitioners can make best practice choices within their practice setting. The course will include discussions of the impact of illicit use of controlled substances, the incidence of illicit drug abuse in populations that might be hired into veterinary practices, goals of creating a system of security and accountability, structure of the laws, regulations and rules relating to controlled substances and how to access them, veterinarian/client/patient relationships, corresponding responsibilities of pharmacists, scheduling of controlled substances, regulation of List 1 drugs (methamphetamine precursors), DEA registrations, practitioners in charge, use of agents, appropriate screening and criminal background checks for controlled substances access.

Veterinary Dentistry for the General Practitioner, Module 1
May 29 - July 6, 2017
Presenter(s): Steve Holmstrom, DVM, DAVDC

The first of 2 modules, this course is designed to allow discussions of current techniques used in veterinary dentistry. Veterinarians practicing all levels of veterinary dentistry are invited to participate, from the veterinarian just interested in getting started in veterinary dentistry to the Board Certified Veterinary Dentist. The course will start out with oral examination and disease recognition, then cover prevention and treatment of periodontal disease, and continue to intraoral radiographs.

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