About VIN
October 30, 2017 (published)

Since 1991, VIN has been and always will be — for veterinarians, by veterinarians.

“VIN is more than a website, it is a community of colleagues.”

Much more than the sum of its features, VIN provides something no other organization or service has been able to. Simply stated, VIN:

  • Brings together veterinarians “world-wide” as colleagues
  • Provides instant access to vast amounts of up-to-date veterinary information
  • Gives instant access to “breaking news” affecting veterinarians, their patients and their practice
  • Connects veterinarians to colleagues with specialized knowledge and skills
  • Empowers our profession through the sharing of knowledge and ideas

The History of VIN

In 1990, before the advent of Windows and personal computers on every desk, Dr. Duncan Ferguson began answering questions on Quantum Computing, a small online Bulletin Board Service (BBS), which became America Online (AOL). This then evolved into the Pet Care Forum (PCF), and a few months later he invited Dr. Paul Pion to join him. In short, other colleagues were invited to join them and many of those pioneers are still on VIN as Consultants, Reps, Staff, and VINners.


VIN Logo Group
  • 1991

    Duncan and Paul introduce VIN and NAVC

    Dr. Pion Dr. Ferguson
    • AOL Keyword: VIN
    • VIN: Free, Aol: $10/hr, $5/hr (night)
    • 200 VINners
    • First VIN CE course — Endocrinology — fall 91 (40 participants)
  • 1992

    Original VIN Logo

    Original VIN Logo

    VSPN is born (for the first time)

    VIN and VSPN and YOU!
    • First conference book at NAVC
    • Membership fee — $250yr
    • Community only, no database
    • 450 VINners
    • VSPN is born
    • Online community helps colleagues affected by Hurricane Andrew
  • 1993

    VIN database on AOL
    Built upon foundation of Quarterly Index by Dr. Nicky Mastin

    Dr. Nicky Mastin and extended services
    • Member shoose community only, database only or Full Service
    • 90% choose full service
    • VIN This Week
    • Plumb's Formulary on VIN
  • 1994

    VIN Offline

    VIN Offline paper
    • VIN community short-circuitting RECOMM scam
  • 1995

    Paul and Duncan honored with AAHA Special Recognition Award

    Paul and Duncan with AAHA awards
    • More graphical VIN on AOL
  • 1996

    VSPN 2.0, free to staff members

    Nanette and VSPN

    VIN Forms library

    Forms library
  • 1997

    OSHA and Practice Safety CE course

    • VIN database on the World Wide Web
  • 1998

    VIN bookstore

    Book Store

    VIN on AOL and World Wide Web

    AOL and WWW
    • VETQUEST classified ads
  • 1999

    • VIN membership reaches 5000
    • June negotiations breakdown with AOL, 90% of VINners on AOL
    • In six short months, VIN and PCF on the web completed
    • December 31, 1999: VIN and PCF on AOL closed
  • 2000

    Y2K worry unwarranted

    Y2K and Y2 Spay?

    First VIN Cyber Cafe at ISVEE in Breckinridge, Colorado

    Colorado Cyber Café
    • New Message Boards (version 1.0 of current format)
  • 2001

    VIN redesign (version 3.0)

    VIN redesign (version 3.0)

    VINners can upload images to message boards

    Message Board with image
    • MyVIN
    • WSAVA is first proceedings on VIN
  • 2002

    Veterinary Partner

    Veterinary Partner.com
    • PetCare forum closed
    • “Life Away from the Office” folder
  • 2003

    • VIN Search 2.0 with current tabbed format
    • VIN Student Center
    • MyVIN 2.0 released
  • 2004

    AAFP Rounds

    AAFP Rounds
    • FAD and EEDA CE courses with ISU
  • 2005

    Unity 2.0 (first Flash version)



    • VIN Community rallies to help colleagues after Hurricane Katrina
    • VIN Foundation
  • 2006

    CRI Calculator

    CRI Calculator

    Dr. Mark Kittleson's cardiology text book — first textbook on VIN

    Kittleson and textbook
    • eVetsites 2.0
  • 2007


    VIN Casts
    • VIN library updated and reorganized
    • Pet Food Recall
  • 2008

    Message Boards 2.0

    Message Boards 2.0
    • VIN Student Center updated
  • 2009

    Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

    Chocolate Toxicity Calculator

    Presenter 2.0

    Presenter 2.0
  • 2010

    Password Vault

    Password Vault


    • LOGOUT and VIN security 2.0
  • 2011

    • Library update
    • Mobile landing page
    • Presenter 2.2: release of gallery view
  • 2012

    • Presenter 3.0/mobile
    • Proceedings to pdf
    • Search 2.0
  • 2013

    • VINx
    • Drug and food recall center, page update
    • MB Drafts
    • Message Board multiple image uploader
  • 2014

    • Immunology textbook
    • MyCE/non VIN Courses
    • MyBuddy
    • Add Rounds to your personal calendar
    • Mobile MyCalculations
  • 2015

    • VIN logo/modern look
    • MyVIN 2.0/mobile
    • Search 4/mobile
    • Signalment on Message Boards
  • 2016

    • VIN features more mobile
    • Logo critter images
    • Library redesign
    • Login/logout/concurrent update
  • 2017

    • IVALA joins VIN Library
    • Message Board 3.0
    • Student Center update
    • VIN This Week makeover
    • Mobile login redesign